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Carlisle, PA


"Sometimes you have to lose yourself before you can find anything"

Chris Mackie
Born. 1969 Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, UK.

International artist Chris Mackie grew up in the working class village of Gawthorpe, England. He developed an interest in art from an early age producing pencil sketches of super heroes and icons from the big screen, however it wasn't until 2003 that Chris began working in art professionally.

From 2003-2006, Chris painted a series of popular iconic figures in a self described Pop Art style. In 2006 Chris moved to New Zealand and he explored the use of pastels and began painting more powerful and meaningful works with much more personal and emotional content.

As well as his own life's journey Chris's biggest inspiration comes from British master painter L.S. Lowry, his favorite childhood artist. He loved the simplicity and the power of his works.

Chris also enjoys working with clay. After being introduced to the new medium by American artist, friend and The Garden Gallery owner Charles W. Andrews he has produced a variety of forms.

Recently Chris returned to Pop Art. Steering away from the traditional canvas he decided to change things up and began painting on steel. Similar to his use with pastels he paints with his hands. He finds this a much more natural way of painting, having no tool between himself and the working surface he feels that he is ‘literally in the painting’.

In 2011, Chris was appointed Design Director for

Chris is a resident artist at The Garden Gallery and Haverstick Gallery, Carlisle, Pennsylvania

He has exhibited his work at The State Museum of Pennsylvania and also has work at The National Coal Mining Museum for England.

Art Expo New York 2013.

Resident artist at Brath and Hughes Fine Art Gallery, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Resident artist at Imagine Gallery, Port Jefferson, Long Island New York.

Chris's work can be found worldwide.


Me and my Cats at The Garden Gallery by Chris Mackie


My Pop Art Show at The Garden Gallery. Carlisle PA by Chris Mackie


My Pop Art Show at the Garden Gallery Carlisle PA. by Chris Mackie


Bullitt on Steel by Chris Mackie


Love by The Pale Moonlight by Chris Mackie


Falling For You by Chris Mackie


Love At Last Light II by Chris Mackie


Hercules II by Chris Mackie


Hercules by Chris Mackie


Love Catz by Chris Mackie


Lean on Love by Chris Mackie


Bye Dad ill See You In The Morning by Chris Mackie


Lean on love by Chris Mackie


The Beginning of The End II by Chris Mackie


Out of The Storm by Chris Mackie


Out of The Storm...See poem in description by Chris Mackie


Floating on Love by Chris Mackie


Getting There by Chris Mackie


She Loves Me by Chris Mackie


Jim Morrison Hand Made Tile by Chris Mackie


Che by Chris Mackie



Hendrix by Chris Mackie


Lennon on Steel by Chris Mackie


Hendrix II by Chris Mackie


Birds 3 by Chris Mackie


American Girl 2 by Chris Mackie


Birds by Chris Mackie


Jimi Hendrix Hand Made Ceramic Tile by Chris Mackie


Nolan Fish Vase by Chris Mackie


Birds by Chris Mackie


American Girl by Chris Mackie


Lashed To The Mast Homage to Turner by Chris Mackie